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Fight climate change and poverty with sustainable development.

The Yellow Energy Initiative (YEI) provides effective technical and financial solutions for climate change adaptation, poverty reduction and circular economy. YEI programs and projects aim at enabling long-term positive impact and systemic change. Impoverished communities are provided with clean energy, inclusive business opportunities and capacity building. The YEI project platform enables easy identification and reservation of impactful CSR projects.

The provision of access to energy and sustainability-enhancing mechanisms enables local communities to start new life-enhancing businesses. With the support of the international CSR community, new rural electrification projects are carried out. Joint ventures are established. Sustainable local economic development is enabled.

Like the yellow color, the initiative creates optimism, confidence, and resilience. Providing access to electricity is the most effective way to reduce poverty. At the same time, it offers a great opportunity to conduct sustainable business operations.

Process in a nutshell

1. Match your brand, business and stakeholder interests with a customized CSR project.

2. Beneficiaries start new businesses with provided green or hybrid energy.

3. Your project generates revenue for beneficiaries and leads to optimism and resilience.

YEI Projects

Lake Victoria Power Project, Western Kenya

The project aims at supplying power to an area which depends on power supply by a local power company for home use and for commercial usage. Because of a 7-hour daily power outage the major fish processing plants, ice plants, bakeries, dairy plants, hotels, banks and hospitals have either been closed down or moved to areas where there is sufficient, stable and reliable power supply. People and businesses resort to using diesel, paraffin, kerosene and charcoal to light homes, cook, and support businesses.

During the first phase of the project a 300 kWp solar power system will be installed. As per investor preferences, it can be complemented with a hybrid solution (wind, hydro, and/or biomass). The project features an inclusive business component for starting new fishing, farming, welding and quarrying businesses.

YEI Project ID: KN001

Project Scope: Community of over 2 million people

Project Budget: First phase: 600,000 USD, optional hybrid solutions TBN

Activity: Access to energy, power sales, business training

Output: Solar power park, IPP, new inclusive businesses

Outcome: Access to sustainable energy, new joint ventures which lead to income through product and service sales

Impact: Sustainable energy production, improved community livelihood and security and health, higher tax income, improved economic integration

Brand Building and Reputation Management: Stronger brand image, CSR effectiveness, dividends USD/year (JV members)

Solar Horn Project, Eastern Somalia

An energy company in Central Somalia aims at producing and distributing high-quality energy in a safe and sustainable manner. While developing their energy business, they provide youth with trainings to build local capacity. The company holds the integration of honesty, integrity and ethics with all aspects of business as their core value.

To enable higher levels of sustainability in Somalian power generation, the company is interested in offering power purchase agreements to foreign investors in renewable power generation. In this project, four solar power plants will be built to increase the portion of clean energy in the local energy mix. Improved reliability of the local power production will enable local small industry to be established and developed. The investor may wish to form joint ventures with the local population to speed up synergistic inclusive business amongst project beneficiaries.

YEI Project ID: SL001

Project Scope: 120–200 workshops/MSMEs; 800+ people

Project Budget: 550,000 USD

Activity: Access to energy, technical and business training

Output: 4 x 400 kWp solar power plant, new inclusive businesses

Outcome: Access to sustainable energy, higher income for indigenous population, new employment and business opportunities, reduced CO2 emissions

Impact: Sustainable energy production, improved socio-economic integration and community livelihood, reduced poverty through new employment and business opportunities enabled by access to reliable electricity

Brand Building and Reputation Management: Stronger brand image, CSR effectiveness, income through power sales, dividends X USD/year (JV members)

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The Yellow Energy Initiative partners with renowned international technology suppliers whose proven power solutions enable cost-efficient and reliable provision of clean and good-quality electricity where it is needed the most.

YEI also has partnerships with other organizations whose expertise and local know-how enable efficient networking as well as professional communication and reporting on the electrification and inclusive business CSR projects.


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